Our Solution


The solution can standardize and optimize purchase, storage, and sales processes quickly, expand the IT application from financial to business management, and transfer the role of the financial management from post-activity accountants to controllers

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Our Services


Kingdee consultants provide suggestions on IT planning and process optimization, and helps you to choose a solution that fits your needs. KIngdee provides a variety of consulting services, including high-end management training, enterprise-wide.

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The ClubKingdee targets business managers and enterprise associations nationwide in the Philippines. It offers a diverse range of high-end value-added services for its members including opportunities for boosting brand equity, improved

Convenient Service Network


In China, Kingdee has more than 100 branches focusing on marketing and service, more than 10,000 employees and more than 2,300 partners lines from consulting, technology, implementation service to distribution. The service network of Kingdee covers manycities and regions across the China mainland, and is extended to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other Asia-Pacific countries through partners.

Complete Service Products

services_10Kingdee rolls out to customers six service product systems: training, management consulting, implementation, operation and maintenance, requirement feedback, and IT system. The customers can choose different service combinations according to the size, management mode, and ERP application status of their companise to form characteristic personalized service solutions.

All-dimensional Service Mode


Kingdee provides its customers with a series of multidimensional services, including call center, network, on-site service, and remote service, helping every customer to have the best and truly personalized services.